This is the first in series of my trip to Radisson Blu Resort Temple Bay in Mahabalipuram. I challenged a North Indian friend, who said there’s nothing to do near Chennai in the summers. I told him I could transform his life through experiences on a Saturday and Sunday. Lets dive in to the series!

Reaching Temple Bay

I really did not expect Tej to take a flight and come here, but he did. I  took him from the airport right to Mahabalipuram, through the scenic East Coast road, after pondering a bit over driving on Old Mahabalipuram Road, getting lost around Medavakkam and Sholinghanallur. We finally veered off the junction at Mahabalipuram, and I found the resort, standing tall like a colossus. It was easier to discover it a few years back, since it was the only quality resort back then, but now quite a few other hotels have sprung up on the East Coast Road, but none of the hotels have as much space and tranquility as Temple Bay. I know this since, I have been to most of the hotels on the ECR stretch, during Alumni meets organised by my B-School

Garlanded and Well Rested

We entered Mahabalipuram soon enough and were garlanded by the staff, and were taken on a tour of the facilities, before we were shown our room. The garlands were made of a beautifully ornate collection of sea shells.

Looks like the hotel was also hosting a North India wedding, as the hotel seemed full, and also the ‘Buggy Rides’ were available only a few minutes later, since guests were being ferried in large numbers.

Sea Side Vibes

The hotel being next to the sea, had a steady stream of fresh breeze coming and were nature cooled by all the spread of greenery all around. Our room was closer to the pool side restaurant, so we had a bit of walking to do to get to the sea.  We briefly went to the sea side, and found a bunch of people playing cricket. After sitting for a while, we went back to the cycling and activities point for our first activity, as part of the Summer Chillers program that we had signed up for, was cycling from the resort to the Shore temple

Beach side cricket! CSK Anyone?

Beach side cricket! CSK Anyone?


We decided to skip breakfast, and do the ride first and then come back for the breakfast. That way we enjoy what we eat and can really relax in after some body activity!

Tej and I prepare to cycle to the Shore Temple in Mahabalipuram

Tej and I prepare to cycle to the Shore Temple in Mahabalipuram

Cycling seemed like a connect with child hood, and there was enough breeze for it not to feel like it was tiring. We crossed the beautiful round-about within the resort, and soon arrived at the gates of the resort, before we were stopped by the security.

Cycling from Temple Bay to Shore Temple

Cycling from Temple Bay to Shore Temple

We told them that we were guests and this was part of the program, and then they let us ride out of the resort. It impressed me that they took the security of guests as very important, checking everyone who came in or went out.  I will leave you with the sensory experience of what I have told so far on video, so that you can visually join us on our trip, or decide to copy the same things for your own trip!

Get your own trip!

Ask for the Summer Chillers program, to do the same things like we did. What more did we do? Do watch the rest of the series


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