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Finding Messi in Mallapuram

I have heard of Kerala being India’s football state (sharing the sobriquet with Goa and West Bengal). I travelled to Kerala’s football heartland in Malappuram district in the town of Perintalmanna to go watch a World Cup game in a style unique to this district.

Binary Choices in Malappuram District-Messi or Neymar
Binary Choices in Malappuram District-Messi or Neymar
Go Go Goal....Err. Not Quit
Go Go Goal….Err. Not Quit
Pre Match Practice for watching FIFA :-)
Pre Match Practice for watching FIFA 🙂

The video has different sub parts

a) The journey to reach this town from South Kerala
b) Staying in a retiring room in Shoranur junction
c) Finding 2 buses to the place
d) Travel to 2 football grounds, put on jerseys and indulge in a bit of pre match play/banter
e) Get into the large temporary tent to watch the FIFA World Cup match between Argentina and France!

Messi was found and lost, as France won a thriller. Do watch the video to feel the raw energy and emotion of football is celebrated in Kerala. Kerala was no different from Kazan if you look at the post match celebrations!

Try watching the Football world cup, from India’s heartland of football-Malappuram. Simple joys of community watching and joy over goals, passes and yellow cards. Head over to Malappuram district this week, or if you can’t, thank me for this video. My Vlog on my trip to observe how Malappuram enjoys football and Messi

Watch the video story of this journey here or watch it below

The idea to travel here, was made after reading Sandeep Varma’s book and posts on a trip he made in 2010

#TravellerStories-01- Of Camping at Wimbledon and Other Stories

Let’s meet Verushka Ramasami who inaugurates this series called #TravellerStoriesXX. She’s a traveller from Durban (which she thinks is the best place in South Africa) who blogs at SpiceGoddess. She works as a Travel and Tourism lecturer and is a lifestyle blogger when the sun sets over Kwazulu Natal. In this episode, we throw a few questions at her and find out what she likes and doesn’t. Since this is an experiment, feel free to comment and help us out with interesting questions.

Verushka Ramasami
Verushka Ramasami


Why the need for such a series like TravellerStoriesXX? We hear so many travel stories, but we’d be able to appreciate the travel stories at a relative level, only when these same questions are put to people at different place, we’d probably have a sense of awe towards how geography and history places a bias on our thinking. So these are nice postcards that you want to quickly rummage through, over an evening snack. Yes, just meant over tea and biscuits.





A) Where are you from and what do you do for a living?

I am from Durban ,South Africa. By day I am a Travel and Tourism Lecturer and by night a Lifestyle Blogger. My blog has a focus on Food , Travel and Culture.

B) What’s the most cliched thing that outsiders say or feel about your city/country?

” Do you live in a treehouse ?”
” Do you speak African ?”
” Do you have a Lion as a pet ?”

C) What’s that one dish travellers should try out at your city and where?

Definitely a Bunny Chow ! No there are no bunnies harmed in the making of this dish. The dish is a quarter loaf of unsliced bread that is hollowed out and filled with either a vegetable or meat curry. It is eaten by hand so no cutlery. The dish originated from the indentured Indian laborers who came to work on the sugar cane fields in South Africa and use this as a way to transport their food to work.

D) Reg exploring places outside your city, which is your favourite place (and why) and send us a photo with you in it

I love travelling and have travelled to some pretty amazing places around the world. For 2016 my favourite place is Kerala , which was my first trip to India.

E) What is the craziest thing you have ever done while travelling?

I think every trip has a crazy adventure. But one that sticks out is while I was in London and we camped on the road for tickets to Wimbledon. It was worth it though as we got centre court tickets.

If you would like to be featured and tell your stories that may be of interest to the traveller community, do write in to us at Kartik@katchutravels.com