This is the fifth in series of my trip to Radisson Blu Resort Temple Bay in Mahabalipuram. I challenged a North Indian friend, who said there’s nothing to do near Chennai in the summers. I told him I could transform his life through experiences on a Saturday and Sunday. Lets dive in to the series! If you have landed directly here, Read Part-4Part 3Part 2Part-1 and Part-0 for context!

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Labyrinthine Temple Bay

We wanted to proceed to the spa, late evening to check if we could pick a treatment. The resort is very big and at times labyrinthine to navigate, and we got slightly off path, where I went to the helipad, and then found my way to the Ayur Spa

Ola/Uber’s App Please

Since the resort is so big, we are at times, dependent on the ‘Buggy’ [electric vehicle that ferries guests]. One needs to pick a buggy by waving to a driver, if they are around, or call from the room phone or nearest centre to request for a buggy. An app like Uber/Ola for this could be too much, but it maybe a nifty feature to have a resort app to pass recommendations on activities around, and booking a buggy based on location. If you are not in a hurry like I was, the resort is a beautiful location amidst all the greenery and gardens to walk across from one place to the other

Bodhi Spa

Once we were at the Spa, we decided to check, what would be better for us. I loved the walkway which was a rectangular perimeter walkway with the centre being open to sky, and having plants and flowing water there. Flowing water has this ability to appeal to the mind to mute off your thoughts and stay still. The grey buddha statue there in the centre, just added to the feeling of time standing still on an edge. The Bodhi Spa in-charge, took us to a room, overlooking water falling on some stones, and introduced us to some of the treatments and therapy chambers (interestingly named after Indian plants like Thulasi and Ashwagandha). Since Tej was exhausted, he opted for a deep-tissue Mandara massage

Discussing treatments with the Spa Manager (Radisson Blu Resort Temple Bay)

Discussing treatments with the Spa Manager (Radisson Blu Resort Temple Bay)

I went to the Ayurveda side and saw the card, and opted for the Shirodhara oil massage. I loved the feeling of warm scented oil dripping on my forehead, building calmness in the mind and body, one drop at a time! The index of a good massage is how they are able to softly exert pressure on the right parts of the body, and be able to get your mind and body to meet in silence.  I slept during the course of the massage and went back to sleep more, after a quick pasta dinner over room service! For all the activity we did, the spa was quite the way to end the day

Zorb Attack!
Zorbing in the Pool

Zorbing in the Pool

In the morning, after a pleasant night’s sleep, by the bay of the bengal, we woke up and hit the beach, and then came down to the swimming pool in our shorts to the zorbing place by the pool. The Orb is a transparent plastic ball, within which you roll on water.

We were to get in through the hole, and then pace our steps in a synchronised manner, so that we would be able to move the orb in the water, but guess what- we struggled to get it moving. If one of us, paced a step early or late, we would both fall down, while the orb would rotate. More on all the fun inside the Orb, you should watch the video embedded in the post.

Wrap Up!

That makes it a wrap for our series! I hope you enjoyed it.

If you have landed directly here, Read Part-4Part 3Part 2Part-1 and Part-0 for context!


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