One of the purpose of travel is to be able to transport people visually and sensorily to a place they have not been before. You first travel in the mind, before you get to the actual place and then you start merging the place in your mind to the reality and the concoction can be quite heady and awe-inspiring when you do that.

#TheBeachTrail2017 was a great journey for us, and its a great honour to be able to tell this story to out to a wider audience. This post talks about the places where we were able to reach out to a larger set of people to tell our stories on #TheBeachTrail2017

  • The folks at Musafir Stories featured us on their long form-content story telling podcast show. The ‘Musafir Stories’ are India’s only Travel Podcast show focussed on listening to traveller tales.

You can listen to it here.


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